Navigation may be considered on of the most important concepts in an Angular 9 application. Luckily, route navigation is extremely easy to implement. Implementing basic route navigation in Angular 9 requires just a few steps.

Step 1:
Make sure that your index.html file has a Base element defined with a “/” as the href.

<base href="/" >

Step 2:
Next, you must have Angular components to navigate to. Create a couple of components that you can use for navigation. In this sample, we created components for “users’ and “products” using the following commands:

"ng g c users"
"ng g c products"

Step 3:
Now, open your app.module.ts file and import the RouterModule from the @angular/router package.

import { RouterModule } from '@angular/router' ;

In the imports array of the ngModule decorator, add the following code:


Step 4:
Define your routes for your navigation

{ path: "products", component: ProductsComponent},
{ path: "users", component: UsersComponent},

Step 5:
Add the “router-outlet” directive to your template. The RouterOutlet is a directive from the router library that is used like a component. It acts as a placeholder that marks the spot in the template where the router should display the components for that outlet.


Step 6:
In order to perform the navigation based on user interaction, use the “routerLink” directive on your buttons or links.

<button routerLink="/products">Nav to Products</button>
<button routerLink="/users">Nav to Users</button>
</div >

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