A core responsibility for a desktop developer is to provide a user interface (UI) to end-users. In WPF this is done with Windows and UserControls, but what do we use in Angular?

In this video, I will show you how to use Angular Components to create UI’s in the same way you create UI’s in WPF. We will compare the XAML, CS, and ResourceDictionaries of a WPF UserControl, to the HTML, TS, and CSS files of an Angular Component.

“Desktop to Web: A WPF Developers Guide to Learning Angular” is a video tutorial series that will help you take your WPF and WinForms desktop coding skill to the web with Angular. This series will help you understand how your current desktop skills map directly to concepts in Angular to make your learning path to the web as easy and painless as possible.

During each video in this series I will be giving away a one year subscription to Infragistics Ultimate valued at $1,995 USD. Simply subscribe to my channel, like the video, and leave a comment to be entered. Winners are announced in the next video in the series.

Official contest rules: https://brianlagunas.com/desktop-to-web-series-youtube-official-contest-rules/

The Prize: https://www.infragistics.com/products/ultimate

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