In this stream, I do a little work on extending Prism for WPF IDialogService and I answer a more advanced question about how we can manage window instances using the IDialogService. We start off by branching Prism for WPF and creating a few new method overrides for the IDialogService.Show and IDialogService.ShowDialog methods. After the simple additions, we create a PR and submit it to the Prism repo.

Next, I answer a more complicated question of how we can manage various instances of windows by using the IDialogService. For example, how do I close a dialog from the same ViewModel that opened it? Or, how do I Activate a specific dialog that was opened using the Prism IDialogService. This was a little more complicated than I thought, but we ultimately solved them problem by using our own custom dialog service that extends the existing Prism fro WPF IDialogService.

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