Well, it has been exactly one week since I presented at the Ft. Wayne .NET User Group in Ft. Wayne Indiana.  Why did it take me so long to write my follow up post?  What can I say, I’m a busy guy.  What matters is that I have time now.  So here it goes.

I flew into Indiana on April 13, because I have family in South Bend.  Which, luckily for me, is only an hour away from Ft. Wayne.  So it was a no-brainer.  After visiting with my family for a few days, I hit the road to the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center in Ft.Wayne Indiana the evening of April 17.  The drive there wasn’t that bad, although I managed to get stuck behind someone going 40 in a 55, which was driving me crazy.  Keep in mind, I am on a two lane road (one lane for each side of traffic), in the back roads of Indiana.  The roads were winding and narrow, so there was no possibility for passing.  Fortunately I made it to the meeting on time.

When I arrived I was met by the group leader Armanda Turney.  A super nice lady, that gave me pizza.  Hmmmmm….. yummy!  Let’s just say she immediately won me over.  This group was very welcoming and we sat around talking about all kinds of stuff for about 30 minutes.  Finally, after eating our pizza and wrapping up our side conversation, it was time to get to business.  The topic chosen by the group was my “Building Composite XAML Applications with Prism” talk.  This has no doubted become my most popular talk.  It seems that the user group ciruit is saturated with Windows 8 and HTML/jQuery, so most groups are relieved to have a topic not related to either of those.  Plus, it seems no one else talks about it, so it has remained a unique talk.  Just so you guys know, I have a lot of other talks :0).

So without further adieu, here are the download links for all the sample code we wrote/covered.

Download the Live Demo source code
Download the Prism DelegateCommand sample
Download the Prism CompositeCommand sample
Download the Prism EventAggragator sample

I would like to thank the .NET Users of Ft. Wayne for inviting me to come speak at their group.  I had a great time, and enjoyed the people and conversations.  I hope I can return to give another talk in the near future.

.NET Users of Ft. Wayne

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