imageI want to thank everyone that attended yesterdays Infragistics webinar on building composite applications in WPF using Prism.  We had a lot to cover in a short amount of time, and I think we did a pretty good job getting through it.  Although, I did have to go a little fast to make sure I covered all the basics.  We also had some audio issues for those trying to call in through the conference phone number.  Never fear, if I went too fast or if you couldn’t hear me, we have the whole thing recorded so you can watch it at your leisure.  Watch it here.

The main concepts we covered in this session were:

  • Bootstrapper
  • Shell
  • Regions
  • Modules
  • View injection/view discovery
  • Commanding

We just touched the surface of Prism, and based on all the positive feedback from all our great attendees, I will be hosting a Prism Part 2 webinar so I can cover other topics such as event aggregation and navigation.  I will provide more details on that when I get a date set.

For those of you ready to get started right now, you can get the Prism bits here:

Be sure to check out all the quick starts provided with the download.  Remember to ignore the StockTraderRI application.  It is a horrible example to try to learn from.  Not because the team that wrote it didn’t know what they were doing, but because they tried to show you every way to do everything with Prism in one application.  That makes it very difficult to follow and gain guidance from.

Be sure to check out my Introduction to Prism video course on Pluralsight.  It has over 4 hours of video instruction and covers just about everything you need to know to start writing a production Prism application.

Here is the download to the live demo we wrote and to the samples covering the DelegateCommand and the CompositeCommand.  There is also another sample in the download which includes the EventAggregator which we did not have time for.

Don’t forget about the IG Outlook video tutorials I am recording on Xaml TV.  So far I have only recorded 4 videos, but more are coming.  It is just taking longer than I was hoping.

Here is the download for the IG Outlook application that I have so far.  It’s not done, but it’s further along than part 4 of the video series.  Download it and have a look around.  Don’t forget, this application requires Infragistics NetAdvantage for WPF and NetAdvantage for Silverlight.

I hope everyone enjoyed the webinar and if you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter @brianlagunas or just leave a comment below.

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