Last week I traveled to Nebraska to give my “Introduction to Prism” presentation to the Lincoln .NET User Group and the Omaha .NET User Group. My first stop was on Aug 29 at the Lincoln .NET User Group in Lincoln.  After my talk in Lincoln, I drove up to Omaha for the Omaha .NET User Group meeting on Aug 30 at Farm Credit Services of America.

Brian Lagunas presenting Intro to Prism at the Omaha .NET User Group

The Omaha .NET User Group is lead by Matt Ruwe.  Everyone at Farm Credit Services of America were great and very hospitable.  Even when the presenter shows up almost 2 hours early.  Hey, I like to be prepared.  The meeting room was spacious with comfortable seating.  Everyone had a view of the projector which is always a good thing.  There was nice little café style area in which you could sit in a nice booth and have your user group food and drink.




The talk was awesome.  Everything went according to plan, and unlike the Lincoln .NET User Group, these guys wanted to stay with the basics and learn all the basic building blocks of prism.  Everyone was energized and asking questions.  My kind of atmosphere!  After the talk a couple of us decided to go hustle some fools out of their money with a cut-throat game of pool.


Brian Lagunas shooting pool after the Omaha .NET User Group

Alright, I discovered that I really suck at pool!  I mean really bad.  Out of 6 games I won only one.  That’s only because the other guy hit the 8 ball in on accident.  Hey, a win is a win!

I want to thank the Omaha .NET User Group leadership for inviting me to present, Farm Credit Services of America for hosting the event, and everyone that took the time out of their day to come listen to me talk about Prism.

For those of you who attended and want the bits, look no further.

Download the Live Demo source code
Download the Prism DelegateCommand sample
Download the Prism CompositeCommand sample
Download the Prism EventAggragator sample
Download the IG Outlook sample application

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