There has been a lot of exciting things happening this week with regards to Prism.  First we learned that it was opened sourced by Microsoft and given to a new team (that’s me).  Then we heard all about what is happening with Prism from Brian Noyes and myself on the 1116 show of .NET Rocks with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell.  Then we saw the very first preview of Prism for Xamarin.Forms which is available on NuGet now.

I know it’s Friday, but we’re not done yet.  To end this week, I wanted to leave you with one more bit of Prism goodness.  On the Channel 9 show “This Week On Channel 9”, Jeremy Foster chose Prism for his “Pick of the Week”.  He even gave some love to the new Prism for Xamarin.Forms preview.

Feel free to watch the entire episode, or you can do like me and just jump to the good stuff:

I hope you are as excited as I am about the great momentum Prism has since it has been open sourced.  As always, feel free contact me on my blog, connect with me on Twitter (@brianlagunas), or leave a comment below for any questions or comments you may have.

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