There may be instances where your app is following the ViewModelLocator default naming convention, but you have a number of ViewModels that do not follow the convention. Instead of trying to customize the naming convention logic to conditionally meet all your naming requirments, you can register a mapping for a ViewModel to a specific view directly with the ViewModelLocator by using the ViewModelLocationProvider.Register method.

The following examples show the various ways to create a mapping between a view called MainWindow and a ViewModel named CustomViewModel.

//Type / Type
ViewModelLocationProvider.Register(typeof(MainWindow).ToString(), typeof(CustomViewModel));

//Type / Factory
ViewModelLocationProvider.Register(typeof(MainWindow).ToString(), () => Container.Resolve<CustomViewModel>());

//Generic Factory
ViewModelLocationProvider.Register<MainWindow>(() => Container.Resolve<CustomViewModel>());

//Generic Type
ViewModelLocationProvider.Register<MainWindow, CustomViewModel>();

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