I have begun the process of updating my “Introduction to Prism” Pluralsight course. This course is nearly 10 years old and due for an update. This is one of many in a series of streams that will take you step-by-step in what it takes to create/update a Pluralsight course.

In this stream, I open up about supporting a friend that had suicidal thoughts. This is a serious matter and if you know anyone struggling, make sure you help in any way that you can. After the heavy stuff, we get into creating the slides for my 2nd module of the course called “Creating your First Prism Application”. We decide what we will cover in this module and how to arrange the content. This includes adding the correct NuGet packages, using the PrismApplication class, and more. We end the stream by talking a little but about how I got into development, and my experience being in the military. Including my medical discharge, my tie as a cop, and my difficulties becoming a civilian again.

You can watch the existing “Introduction to Prism” course with this link: https://app.pluralsight.com/library/courses/prism-introduction/

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