In this stream, we add a new feature request to the Prism IDialogService. GitHub issue #1903 requests support for having multiple custom dialog window hosts. This will allow someone to have different types of windows to show their dialog views in. For example, maybe you have a ribbon window, a message window, a notification window, a toast window, etc. We create a new branch, implement the feature, submit a PR, and merge everything into master.

The GitHub issue:

Brian Lagunas

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  • Hi Brian,
    Dialog Service learning is over,It’s good.but I found a problem,Create a new Dialog Service window,Add a Region [ prism:RegionManager.RegionName=”ContentRegionMain”] and more UserControls, Using [RegionManager.RequestNavigate(“ContentRegionMain”, navigatePath)] Navigation is found to be invalid
    . But Not using Dialog Service windowis OK,Very strange!
    No reason found, really a headache。。。。

    • This is because you are creating a dialog, but you are not assigning a region manager to it. Dialogs do not get region managers automatically. You need to set it yourself.

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