What an awesome day at Boise Code Camp.  We had 400 attendees, 60 sessions, and tons of giveaways.  The top prizes were an Xbox 360 with a game, an iPad2 with accessories, and a Lenovo K1 Tablet with accessories.  Infragistics gave every attendee a license for our NetAdvantage for Windows Phone product, and I gave away three NetAdvantage Ultimate products.   Did I mention we had a free breakfast and lunch. NICE!  Congrats to all the winners.

I wore three hats at Boise Code Camp today.  I was a coordinator, sponsor, and speaker.  Talk about a busy day!  I would like to thank everyone for attending today’s event and to all of our sponsors.  Boise Code Camp is a free event to attend, but it is not free to host.

For those of you who attended my session you can download the source code here.

Thanks again to everyone!  See you next year.

Brian Lagunas

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