If you attended the BSDG user group meeting last night and would like to download the sample code for my Silverlight/WPF Multi-Targeting presentation, you can download it here.


The Silverlight and WPF platforms are very similar, but they do not have binary compatibility; this means that an assembly compiled for one platform cannot execute on the other platform (Although, the story is a little different in Silverlight 4). You may want to target some or all of your application on WPF and Silverlight for a number of reasons.

Due to the fact that Silverlight and WPF are so closely related, the bulk of your application code can be shared between the two platforms. This encourages heavy use of pattern based development to isolate the logic from the presentation and maximize the separation between UI code and non-UI code.

Elements you can share:

  • Presenters
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Services
  • Unit tests
  • Simple views, if the XAML used is supported by both Silverlight and WPF.

Elements that are harder to share:

  • Complex views (XAML)
  • Controls
  • Styling
  • Animation

Like always, if anyone has any questions feel free ask.

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