I did a ton of traveling and speaking at various events and user groups in 2012.  During this time, I decided to start a fun little contest between user groups that I presented at.  If I came to speak at your user group, you probably remember me taking a picture of your user group.  Well, you may also remember me mentioning that your user group’s picture would be entered into a contest at the end of the year.

The Rules

The rules are simple.  All you had to do was have the most eye catching, fun, exciting, smile producing, and laugh inducing picture and your user group would win.

The Contestants

Who was entered into this contest?  Every user group that I presented at in the year 2012 was eligible to enter the Infragistics User Group Contest.  That means 10 user groups competed against each other in 2012.

The Prize

What prize would the winning user group receive?  How about an Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle!  Not too shabby for just taking a picture.


Drum Roll Please

Without further ado, the winner of the Infragistics User Group contest for 2012 is the Lincoln .NET User group.

Lincoln .NET User Group

Congratulations to your user group, and I expect another invite to come speak at your group again for 2013!

But my user group didn’t win – Looking to 2013

So what if your group didn’t win this year?  What if your group wasn’t even entered into the contest because I didn’t present at it?  Well, have no fear!  I will be running this contest again for the year 2013, but it will be bigger than ever.  This time the contest is not limited to just my user group sessions.  Every Infragistics evangelist who speaks at a user group will be able to enter you into the contest.  Not only will the contestant pool get bigger, but the prize will be bigger too.  The prize for 2013 will be a $500 gift card for your user group!  Can you say P.A.R.T.Y!!!!!?

If you want a chance to participate in this fun little contest in 2013, then simply request a speaker for your user group meeting.  Not only will Infragistics send someone to give an awesome talk at your group, but you will be entered into the Infragistics User group Contest 2013.  Its that easy!

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