If you were in the West Des Moines area on Saturday October 27, I hope you stopped by the Iowa Code Camp for a day of fun, tech, and food.  There were a variety of great topics being presented by great speakers.  I gave two talks at this code camp.  One on developing Windows 8 applications, and another on creating WPF custom controls.  I was really surprised with the number of attendees in each of my sessions.  I like to think it was because of my reputation of being a great speaker, and not just because I was giving away a free Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate license in each of my sessions.  Either way, I am appreciative to everyone who made it to my sessions.

I made sure I arrived on Friday so I would have time to attend the speaker dinner at Legends American Grill.  Food, sports, and talking about nerd stuff is a recipe for a great time.  It is always good to see old friends and make new ones.  These type of events is what really makes traveling from Boise to across the country worth it for me.  I always learn so much from the people I meet at various social events.



The event was held at the DMACC West Campus.  This is a very nice facility.  It looks like a spaceship and the inside of the building if very nice.  This was the perfect place to hold this event.


This place was packed with attendees.  There was standing room only and some even found some space upstairs for the opening notes and closing giveaways.


The guys from AJI Software stopped by to talk a little WPF, XAML, design, and Infragistics controls.  I had no choice but to participate in the show.  We had this great 10 minute conversation and then they asked me if I was ready to start.  Heck, I thought we were already recording!  You can listen to the show here.


What is a code camp without an after party?  I must say, Iowa Code Camp had THE BEST after party at the Cedar Rapids venue just 6 months ago.  Those of you that were there, know exactly what I am talking about.  So, I was wondering if hey could top themselves this time.  They came real close.  I probably would have had more fun if Greg Sohl wouldn’t have kept whooping my butt in pool.  That dud is a freaking animal!


This was a great event and I would like to thank everyone involved with planning Iowa Code Camp for inviting me to come join them.  I also want to thank the other speakers and surrounding community for volunteering their time and energy to put on such a great event.  Not just once, but twice a year.  I also would like to thank all of the attendees for coming and making this one of my favorite events to attend.  See you guys next year.

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