I recently had a comment from one of my subscribers about an issue they were having with their Prism dialog window not working. As you may already know, Prism provides a built-in dialog service which allow you to display custom dialogs to your end-users. Not only that, but you can also provide your very own custom dialog window.

In this scenario. Aniq was using a 3rd party control library call ModernWPF as his custom dialog window. He properly registered both is dialog and his dialog window with Prism. When he would invoke the dialog service to show the dialog using his custom dialog window, the dialog window would show, but or some reason when closing the dialog window the dialog window not working. meaning the dialog service callback was not being invoked.

Aniq sent me his WPF Prism application showing the dialog window not working, and asked if I could fix it. Of course I will. In fact, we will fix it together.

I hope you enjoy this Holiday inspired episode of “I’ll Fix your Code” in which we solve the question, “Why is the Prism dialog window not working?”.

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