Those of you that know me are well aware of my enthusiasm for Prism, and today is no different.  About 5 minutes ago a new build of the Prism binaries targeting the .NET 4.5 framework was released.  So those of you who are having to use a custom build, like myself, for your .NET 4.5 projects can now use the “official” libraries from the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team.  So what are you waiting for?

Get The Bits

I would like to mention, that there have been no new features added or any changes in the code base.  This is simply a release of the binaries that have been compiled against the .NET 4.5 library.  It has also been compiled against updated dependencies for Unity 3.0 and Common Service Locator.  So you will not see any Silverlight or Windows Phone binaries in this download.  It’s .NET 4.5 only.

When you download the .ZIP file, make sure to remove the “Mark of the Web” by right clicking the file and unblocking it.


Open the file and you should see the following four files.


Update your project references within Visual Studio and enjoy.

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