Two weeks ago on July 24th, I had the privilege of speaking at the vNext OC user group in Irvine California.  I know what you’re thinking, “two weeks and you’re just now blogging about it”.  Yeah, yeah I know.  Hey free time is hard to come by now a days.

The event was held at Crescent Solutions, which has a very nice facility which is perfect for having social gatherings, and was streamed live on  The vNext OC group is run by the one and only Kim Schmidt.  That’s Kim and I hanging out before the meeting.


Let me tell you, she runs one of the best user groups I have ever attended.  She also knows how to treat her speakers.  Just check out these swag bags and all the stuff she managed to fit in them:


WP_000296 (2)

Yes, she spelt my name “Brain” on purpose.  It was the theme of the meeting.  You should have been there.  Kim gave me the most flattering introduction a speaker could ever expect.  She even honored all military personnel, including myself, with a very well done 3 minute military service tribute video.  How do you even follow that?

WP_000290 (2)

But it’s not all about the speakers.  She doesn’t leave anyone out.  Kim makes everyone feel welcome and confortable at the group.  All attendees got their own swag as well.


The Prism talk lasted just a tad over 2 hours and went very well.  Afterwards, we had some great feedback regarding the event:

“It was great meeting you and some of the other “Cool People” in the group last night! Brian Lagunas is a Class A presenter and the topic was great”…from Daniel Warren, Sr. Engineer at InterKnowlogist

“Brian Lagunas was AWESOME at VNext_OC tonight! It streamed well to, Brian is an expert speaker, you could feel his passion for what he does! And, near the end of the presentation, he said “Let’s do a ‘Part 2’…your next opening is February, right? I’ll be back!” 🙂 Thanks, Brian!” – Kim Schimdt

Daniel Lewis even did a short recap on his blog:

I would like to thank the entire vNext OC user group for inviting me down and for being so welcoming.  I will definitely be coming back for a part 2.

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