I am excited to announce my newest Pluralsight course titled “Introduction to WPF Custom Controls”.

Introduction to WPF Custom Controls” is an introductory course designed to teach the basic concepts required to get started writing custom WPF controls.  This course covers everything, from how to choose a base class, to enabling data binding support by adding your own custom properties and how to add custom events and commands.  Further, the course discusses how to add visual behavior to your custom controls with the use of triggers and the visual state manager.  The final important topic this course addresses is how to add theming support to your custom controls.  Remember, this is an introductory course.  I will cover the advanced stuff in another follow up course.

I know I am a couple days (over a week) late announcing this on my blog.  Especially since the course was taken live on July 31, but I have been slammed at work.  I have also been planning my next course titled “Advanced Prism”.  The “Advanced Prism” course will build upon what we learned in my “Introduction to Prism” course, and look at more advanced scenarios as well as ways you can extend Prism.  It should be a lot of fun.  If there is something you would like to see covered in the “Advanced Prism” course.  Be sure to let me know NOW.  I will start recording in the next couple of days.

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