It was Sunday night.  Victor and I were having a video call on Skype finalizing our plans to host his 70+ Silverlight video tutorials on Xaml TV.  He was late to our meeting because he said he didn’t feel well.  He said that he was recovering from a week long illness, but he quickly assured me he was feeling better.  We chatted for awhile and then ended the meeting with some friendly banter like we always have in the past.

Sadly the next day, on the morning of Monday April 2, 2012, Victor Gaudioso passed away.  You didn’t have to know Victor long to know that he was passionate about his work and about his community.  He always went the extra mile to help his fellow developer.  I can write pages about all the good things he has done for his family, friends, and community, but instead I would like encourage you to share your memories of Victor.  Think of how he has influenced you in your life.

The Sunday before he passed, Victor gave me 73 of his videos that we would be posting on Xaml TV.  That night he posted 10 of his Microsoft Starter Kit videos.  Unfortunately he passed before he could finish his effort.  With the blessing of his family and the help of his community, we will be posting all 73 of Victor Gaudioso’s Silverlight video tutorials on Xaml TV.  We will preserve his work and contributions that he made to the community.  They will live on and not disappear with an expiring domain or hosting plan.  His legacy will continue to grow as you remember the fond memories you have of him.

If you would like to help by donating to Victor’s memorial fund or to volunteer, please visit the Los Angeles Silverlight User Group site.

Rest in peace my friend.

Brian Lagunas

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  • Thank you for the Initiative to Preserve Victor G’s Excellent and helpful tutorial works.



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