The Extended WPF Toolkit started with three controls and a vision.  It has grown into a feature packed control suite with over 30 controls.  Some of which do not even exist in other third party component vendors.  It has been featured at Open Source Fest at MIX11, discussed on .NET Rocks, covered by the Coding4fun blog twice, and it is the first download on the download page.  Telerik even uses it in their OpenAccess ORM Free Edition.  With over 65K downloads and over 1.1 million page views in under 2 years, the Extended WPF Toolkit has grown into an essential tool for any developer to have in their toolbox.  Not bad for a project written by a single person with a fulltime job.  I feel a great deal of accomplishment and pride in the success of the Extended WPF Toolkit.

In case you missed it, I am the new Product Manager of the XAML line-up for Infragistics.  Obviously this is a conflict of interest.  I cannot keep my toolkit and work for Infragistics.  By now you must be wondering the future of the Extended WPF Toolkit.  Will it have the same fate as Microsoft’s WPF Toolkit?  Will it die and rot?  Not on my watch!  To ensure the continuing success of my toolkit, I will be handing control of the Extended WPF Toolkit over to Xceed.  This transfer of ownership it a great benefit to the Extended WPF Toolkit.  Xceed has the time and resources to continue development and support of the toolkit well into the future.  This is a great gesture by Xceed and show of commitment they have made to the WPF community.

I would like to thank the community for all of its support in making the Extended WPF Toolkit what it is today.

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  • Hi, I have a question:
    why Microsoft doesn’t develop this toolkit?
    There is a strong need of advanced controls for WPF, expecially now that MS is pushing XAML more into new products (Metro, etc…).
    I really don’t understand this company: such a strong asset left to the efforts of one single person in his spare time.
    Good work @ infragistic!

    • Honestly, I don’t know why Microsoft does the things it does (or doesn’t do). 2 years ago, I saw a need for my Extended WPF Toolkit and began working on it in my spare time. I appreciate your kind words and support of my toolkit. Although, I no longer have ownership of it, I hope that the new owners will put as much effort into the continued development of it as I did. Unfortunately, they haven’t done anything with it in the past 2 months. I hope they do not let it sit and rot.

      Now I have a much larger toolkit to manage at Infragistics :0)

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