Back in March 2015, The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team announced that they were transferring ownership of Prism to a new team.  Immediately after that announcement was made, we began working on the next major version.  Within weeks, we had completely restructured the entire Prism code base to better support cross platform development.  We also started working on supporting a brand new platform, Xamarin.Forms.  After Microsoft announced the Universal Windows Platform at the Build conference, we wasted no time working to add support for it.  Even with all this dev effort going on, we continued to evangelize Prism with webinars, podcasts, Channel 9 interviews, blog posts, and conference presentations.  Keep in mind, this is in addition to our day jobs.  As you can see, we have been very busy the last five months.

Well, there is no rest for the weary.  Today, we are excited to announce another milestone for Prism.  As of today, Prism is now part of the .NET Foundation.

If you have not encountered the .NET Foundation before, it is an organization that acts as a central body for open source support of the .NET ecosystem. Joining .NET Foundation means Prism has better support for being an active and thriving open source project for the .NET community and the thousands of companies and individuals who have used Prism in their applications.

The .NET Foundation will help us develop and maintain more mature development process and tools for supporting Prism, and also give a more solid foundation for any questions or issues that arise around licensing and rights for using Prism in applications. We think this will help us focus more on making Prism better and better in terms of functionality, and will help us handle the administration of running an open source project so that we don’t get bogged down in administration instead of shipping new features.

Joining .NET Foundation means we are also part of a bigger network of open source libraries and tools that we can leverage to make sure Prism continues to be a great fit for client XAML applications.

We would like to thank the .NET Foundation for bringing us on board, and you can look forward to this meaning Prism has an even more solid and long lasting future.

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